A Bug’s Life

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My name is Anthony, and I’m doing a guest post for the blog of Katie I am eleven years old.

              While my parents were missionaries in Ukraine, I was born there. When I was very little, I was at a picnic. I was trying to solve a problem with mosquitoes. I thought scary faces on paper could keep the mosquitoes away. My mom, the usual author of this blog, tried to get me to tell my dad my plan, but when I talked to my dad, I had an even better idea, I thought maybe stickers on bags would work. As I am sure you already know, my revolutionary idea didn’t work and there are still mosquitoes at picnics and other places.  As I got older my ideas got more sophisticated.   When I was little, like all kids, I went to camp. And at this camp, the bug problem is high. So, to get rid of this problem me and my cousin put a 4-centimeter double-sided piece of tape on our backs to catch bugs. With no concept of the magnitude of the problem, my solution seemed ingenious.

              Flies are plotting to rule the world, I know this because they’re always rubbing their hands together like a villain, they’re almost completely black, and their wings look like a cloak.

          Flies are disgusting creatures, so what is their purpose? The answer is to clean up trash and feed plants (carnivorous ones) and animals. without flies, dead animals would not be cleaned up as quickly. Flies are an important part of God’s creation. God looks out for the tiniest parts of His creation.  He has thought up a trash cleaning crew as well as food for plants and animals.   They help clean up after our dog Oreo, because when there are a lot of flies, my mom asks my dad to go out and clean up after our dog, which he says he will do (and usually does.)                                          

              And what about mosquitoes? If mosquitoes went extinct the sea creatures would suffer as well as bugs and animals. They have a purpose which is to keep animal populations from getting too high, and they are an important part of the food chain. They help feed birds who feed other prey.

         Every part of the food chain depends on another part of the food chain. But God depends on nothing, and that is why we need him. The Greek ‘’gods’’ are dependent on each other, and Confucius and Buddha are dependent on the universe, but God is dependent on nothing. His existence is not dependent on his creation.

        I think that flies are mechanical and not smart in the sense of thinking like humans. God didn’t make me like this. He made me to be able to process like a human. If he made me with a mechanical mind, I wouldn’t be able to do anything bad, but I wouldn’t be able to choose or do anything good.

Now, I’m off to swat all the flies in the kitchen for my mom. The next time you swat a fly, remember that they are annoying…er, remember the lessons they can teach.

 And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. Genesis 1:24